Selenite Pyramid Energizer

Selenite Pyramid Energizer

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Selenite builds clairaudience, cleanses your aura, clears negative energy and brings upon clarity and positivity. 

Pyramids have been built by many civilizations on different continents. Their triangular sides are a representation of our mind, body and soul; while their 4 faces are linked to the 4 elements of nature; Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

First, cleanse your pyramid. Set your mind on an objective, once it is clear, write an affirmation that you will repeat 4 times a day, while holding your pyramid. Visualize which thoughts, actions and emotions are best to succeed in achieving your goal(s). Pyramids allow you to focus and attain your goal(s).

Please note that these stones are natural so colors will vary with each pyramid.

Size: 30-44mm