Shiva Eye Shell Necklaces

Shiva Eye Shell Necklaces

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Shiva Eye (Shiva Shell or Pacific Cats Eye) represents the Third Eye of the Hindu God Shiva. The Third Eye represents the eye of knowledge and wisdom.

The spiral on the Shiva Eye symbolizes development & movement, it strengthens optimistic energies. The Shiva Eye has a positive effect on one’s natural well being. It is an excellent stone to enhance creativity and awaken ones sense of adventure. It banishes fears and insecurities while protecting against evil. Shiva Eye is also a great stone to calm an overactive mind and energize imagination.

Shiva Shell is found in the seas of Australia. It is the operculum of a sea snail (acts as a trapdoor to close the aperture of the shell when the soft parts of the animal are retracted).

18” Stainless Steel chain.
Pendants are roughly 1.5” in diameter.

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