The Vindur Deck

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Titled "VINDUR" after the Icelandic word for wind, because this deck is intended to be used to connect you with forces that are deeply felt but often unseen, just like wind. 

Characters within the deck are represented without clothing, tastefully emphasizing that the themes, lessons and archetypes of the deck are outside of time and place. 

The design on the back of the cards represent a full balance of the elements as well as a full lunar cycle: new moon, waxing moon, waning moon and full moon to remind you of the cyclical nature of the universe and tarot. The back of the cards are symmetric, allowing the cards to be read with reversals.

About the deck:

  • 78 cards (2.75" x 4.75")
  • Printed on 350 gsm matte, anti-scratch laminated card stock 
  • Full color
  • Yellow painted edges
  • Two-piece rigid box 
  • Custom guidebook
  • Hand-printed tarot bag

Created by Leah Pantéa 2019


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